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WayUp put expense reports on auto-pilot by switching to Ramp

A conversation with JJ Fliegelman, Co-Founder and Jose Ramon-Batista, Staff Accountant at WayUp.

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We sat with JJ Fliegelman - Co-Founder & CTO and Jose Ramon-Batista - Staff Accountant at WayUp to hear about their experience. They switched to Ramp because they felt their outdated expense management tools obscured the spending process and made timely reconciliation nearly impossible.

The problem:

Manual expense reports wastes WayUp’s valuable resources

As WayUp’s Staff Accountant, Jose Ramon-Batista, understands the importance of operational efficiency and cutting costs, saving the company’s money wherever he can. WayUp’s manual expense reporting process placed unnecessary overhead for every employee and caused massive delays during month-end close. Even after spending hours manually reviewing every expense, Jose still couldn't guarantee the accuracy of the company's finances.

Employees wouldn’t submit their expense reports until two months later, and that wasn’t great for our financial reporting because it would make them completely inaccurate.

Jose, Staff Accountant at WayUp

As a co-founder, JJ was wishing for visibility & transparency of his company’s spend. He wanted to ensure that his employees were spending on the right things and not wasting the company’s precious resources. Jose and JJ were ready to ditch a cumbersome expense process that was dragging their company down. They had chased down employees to collect and match receipts manually for the last time. They knew it was time to rip out Amex and Tally and close their books with Ramp.

The solution:

Meet Ramp’s Automated Expense Platform

WayUp rolled out Ramp in under a day and started reconciling in real-time. They set their policies and let Ramp collect receipts automatically, the way a modern expense management platform should. "What I like about Ramp compared to any other expense report, is the fact that we can automate many things. We can create rules for vendors, and specific categories. The more we can automate, the better, and that’s the power of Ramp." said JJ.

Automation is Ramp’s ultimate headline. [...] I used to spend more than six hours per month reviewing expense reports. After setting up Ramp, it takes me less than an hour.

Jose, Staff Accountant at WayUp

Ramp allowed WayUp to create a culture of financial responsibility, confidence, and control. “I love how much control and freedom Ramp gives us” said Jose. Ramp’s corporate card saves hours of manual labor every month for him and his team. Jose can now confidently close his books on time every month and know that they are accurate. Co-Founder JJ Fliegelman now has real-time visibility into his company’s spend and is sure that his employees are spending on the right things.

Ramp helps keep things clean with the organization and I know that the cards will be used properly by the employees.

JJ, CEO at WayUp

Today, WayUp’s executives can easily login into their Ramp dashboard and see how their teams are pacing against budgets in real-time, and, now that reconciliation is automated, they can keep their focus on growing the company.

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About the Company:
100+ employees
Hours Saved:
85+ per month
Dollars Saved:
Accounting Provider:
WayUp turns waste into value by automating their expense reports.
Automated accounting with unlimited cards.
Automated receipt matching.
Cards that maximize control.
AI-powered spend insights.
Account Executive, Ramp
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Instant cards.
Onboard in minutes and issue unlimited virtual and physical cards, instantly available for everyone in your team.
Receipts, matched.
Cardholders are notified the instant they swipe. Ramp automatically reminds, collects, and matches receipts for every transaction that needs one.
Do it all – on Slack.
Get alerts, triage requests, and approve expenses instantly, all without ever leaving Slack.